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Food, beauty, craft, and society - universal necessities for a nourishing life. They can be a reward for hard work in good times and can provide dignity and hope in difficult times.

The Special Projects Social is a series of pop-up restaurants designed to facilitate the experience of all four of these elements within a single evening. Curated by Tim of Tim the Girl Catering and Peter of Zubiate Projects, the events consist of a meal created by Tim served on the gorgeous tables crafted by Peter and features the work of a guest visual artist as well as a musician from the community.

By the nature of a pop-up, the social never takes place at the same venue. Instead it is a one-time only event that moves to a new and unique location each time. The physical elements and the visceral experience of the space provides the jumping off point for the menu, design concept and the choice of artist and musician. The menu and the design are always inspired by an aesthetic based on sustainability, using local, seasonal, and reclaimed materials.

The Special Projects Social was conceived to provide a platform for Tim and Peter to bring their love of food and design to the community at large in an environment that they can control and manipulate, without the constraints of clients, galleries or spaces. It is an expression of their respect and love of craft in all aspects of life, but particularly involving food and design as the basis for bringing people together in a social setting to enjoy a moment of fellowship and conversation.


Video From Casa Mala


Photos From Casa Mala


Photos from "An Enchanted Tea Party"


Casa Mala


Salmon, Cod, Shrimp and Pineapple Ceviche

Pickled Milanese, Cucumber and Cherry Tomatoe Skewers

Farrow Salad, Roasted Pepper, Sweet Pea, Black Olive, and Goat Cheese Salad

Roasted Eggplant and Asparagus with Pesto and Fresh Mozzarella

Pulled Rabbit Sandwiches with Greens and Homemade Pickles

Rum and Coconut Ice Pops with Chocolate Sauce


Video from "An Enchanted Tea Party"


An Enchanted Tea Party


The Lovely King William Home of Josephine and Marshall Davidson


Photos from "1974"


Video from "1974"





Video from "A Dinner Party"


Special Projects in San Antonio Current

Food as art, the table a canvas

Woodworker Peter Zubiate and caterer Tim the Girl launch The Special Projects Social

By Bryan Rindfuss

Last Friday, woodworking artist Peter Zubiate and caterer Tim McDiarmid (aka Tim the Girl, of the non-profit venture EatSmart SA) launched the Special Projects Social, a series of invitation-only dinner parties in unexpected places, the first of which was held at kitchen-less Zubiate Projects (112 Broadway). “A Dinner Party,” as the $100-a-ticket Contemporary Art Month “performance of food and design” was billed, drew a crowd of roughly 40 guests who all sat at tables Zubiate constructed from locally fallen trees.

The items that best exemplified the marriage of art and food were tea-stained hard-boiled eggs stuffed with a mixture of barbecued black cod, fresh herbs, and egg yolk, topped with an anchovy-wrapped olive. With swirling patterns reminiscent of batik or raku, the eggs seemed to reference all the different textures of wood throughout the room.

At the table, guests served themselves lamb and vegetable tagines on ceramic plates made especially for the occasion by the artist Katie Pell. The artist (Zubiate’s wife) said the words scrawled on the plates were song lyrics and that each of us would take one home as a gift. Mine reads, “Shave your face.” While Pell’s artwork adorned the walls and a dangling installation by fashion designer Angelina Mata acted as a conceptual chandelier, Zubiate’s tables (which range in price from $4,600 to $5,400) spoke for themselves: satisfying to touch and full of intricate little surprises.


A Dinner Party Featured in Contemporary Art Month


A Dinner Party


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